Feijoya Leafblown/Fenmir

Venturing south

Arefa has us turn into birds (her hawk, me shrike) and fly south past Candlemere Lake.

Flying towards a 40 ft x 40 ft patch of dead forest. Probably the work of Vol. Finds goblin footprints and a seed from the corrupted tree that we fought earlier. 4-5 day old dead goblin with arrow through his back. (club, 12 copper pieces)

background info --

archdruid, Gath, rules over our druid circle lives in Forest of Kyonen

Arefa will go and bring the blight seed to Gath while I stay in the Narlmarches

next day:

Arefa starts her travels, Feijoya follows the goblin tracks eastward, speaks to swallows regarding distant war drumming,

Feijoya camoflauges herself and finds 3 dozen goblins and one goblin on a goblin dog carrying a black flame torch.

Lead goblin touches torch to the ground and creates ever expanding circle of blight. Lead goblin is slightly larger and with redder hue to skin.

All living things die within this circle. 40′×40′ Black flame seems to be glowing more intensely black/got stronger afterwards.

Torch appears to be a branch from the corrupted tree.

Minion goblin gives the lead goblin a seed (similar to the one found before.) But minion goblin is shot with an arrow through the head by…

Medium figure humanoid green and brown hooded cloak and bow with a club wearing leather armor.

Seed drops to the ground. Goblins attack mysterious figure. Goblin leader tries to plant the seed. Feijoya tries to stealthily steal the seed using obscuring mist but goblin leader spots her. Goblins are alerted and try to attack but thanks to the mist fail.

Bad stuffs…

then warp wood to turn the tables on the goblin chief and the mysterious stranger reveals himself as childhood friend Vertoth!

Vertoth had been looking for Feijoya for a year, 8 months and 13 days… AND THEN HE PROPOSED!!

Arefa's Hollow

In the Narlmarches

Stervaneeye: Elves that live in the north of the forest, harm no plant life, only eat meat

Lizard Folk: live to the east, minimal interaction

Tiressia: Dryad whose leaves change according to the season, satyr consort, Falcos – they have a grove across the Murque River, social visit

Swamp Witch (The Old Beldame) : along the banks of the Tuskwater

not much venturing to the south – trolls and worse, rumors of an old dragon

search for revenge against Vol


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